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When you buy from The Source, your money and support actually goes back into forwarding the kingdom of God.

Support Faith Based Ministries

Whether you are a Christian based musical artist, preacher, author, or just a lover of faith based music, preaching, or you love to read, when you buy from The Source, your money and support actually goes back into forwarding the kingdom of God.

 About Us

 The Source is just another part of MeTooMusic which is a music production company, on-line magazine, 24/7 gospel radio station, graphic design and video company, and so much more. We have a roster of artist who we have tested and proved this method of operation on since 2005. We noticed that in 2004 the music industry was on a rapid decline and things really started changing especially as it concerned God's music. We as Christian artist and authors gave up ownership to the materials that should have been governed by God's people. 

 Why We Should Support


When the consumer purchases faith based materials from other companies the money goes back into that company and helps them grow and become a power company who then controls and dictates what goes on. That particular company now has the power enforce and regulate. As the body of Christ we have given up that power because we have not established something that is fully "Christian" owned and operated. Companies like Itunes, Google, CD Baby, Amazon, Tunecore, and so on are the ones we run to and pay to get our music out and digitally  distributed and then we turn around and advertise for them by telling everyone that our projects are available through them. There is nothing wrong with that except ALL of the power and control is in their hands plus a big part of our percentage of sales that goes on to help promote worldly endeavors while The Church is left scraping and struggling. We are helping them but not helping ourselves.

 The Down Side of Not Establishing Ownership

 It's already here! We as The Church have already given up most of our rights by selling most of our rights for the sake of "getting out there" and since we don't own God's music anymore, we don't have the ability to bring the kind of correction to The Body when one of it's supposed artist or authors get out of hand. We have no power or control anymore and that's why we see SOOOOO many scandals within just the "entertainment" side of The Body. MeTooMusic figures that it's time to take back governing power of "God's Stuff" and give Him a music and media offering that He will accept.